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interference between zigbee and wifi frequency 2.4ghz

Both ZigBee and Wi-Fi channels operate in the 2.4 GHz band, the frequencies are very close so interference may occur depending on the channel settings. Careful planning must be done t...

In Zigbee, Wifi, Haade-lab, 30thNovember 2022

ZBDongle-P VS ZBDongle-E

Today we are going to compare two ZigBee keys from the sonoff brand, the ZBDongle-P and the ZBDongle-E. The ZBDongle-P has a CC2652P processor, which has been tested for a long time a...

In Haade-lab, Zigbee, 20thNovember 2022

Explanation of zones in Zoneminder

This is one of the most important concepts in ZoneMinder and there are six choices to choose from.

In Security, Automation, 9thNovember 2022

Use of filters in Zoneminder

The filters in ZoneMinder have a very important role, they allow you to classify, archive and delete almost everything in Zoneminder, whether events, videos or images.

In Security, Automation, 8thNovember 2022

Moes Push Button Zigbee Switch Test ZTS-EU

For continuity here is a quality test of the Moes tactile button switch also named Zts-eu this is a push button, moreover it bears the same name as the test done previously with the t...

In Tests, Automation, Zigbee, 6thNovember 2022

Domotical Box Rail Din Home-assistant and Raspberrypi

For a long time I had the home automation system integrated into docker on the family NAS. But over time the installation has grown and as everyone knows the physical hardware is an i...

In Haade-lab, Home-Assistant, 5thOctober 2021

Home-Assistant Amber VS Jeedom Atlas

For the start of the school year Home-Assistant and Jeedom unveil two new boxes, the Home-Assistant Amber vs Jeedom Atlas. Amazing when you know that they both went out a few days apa...

In Jeedom, News, Home-Assistant, 1stOctober 2021

Zoneminder, home assistant and Machinelearning

Dlandon this year released a Docker image complete with Zoneminder and Machinelearning, integration into home assistant is complete. This is why this article absolutely had to see the...

In Security, Haade-lab, 25thSeptember 2021

Sonoff SNZB-04 Zigbee 3.0 Door Sensor Test

That’s after the presentation of the temperature sensor SNZB-02, I will detail quickly the sonoff opening sensor SNZB-04, the quality remains the same, the packaging and the aesthetic...

In Tests, 20thSeptember 2021

home assistant icon tip

Here is in the series of the very small tutorials . I will quickly describe how to change an icon of a binary sensor thanks to the device_class, by customization in home assistant.

In Home-Assistant, Haade-lab, 15thSeptember 2021

Sonoff SNZB-02 temperature and humidity sensor test

I decided to put forward by presenting a test of the Sonoff SNZB-02 temperature and humidity sensor, for the seriousness and the range of the brand’s products. It’s not going to be a ...

In Tests, 10thSeptember 2021

Z-wave VS Matter

Z-Wave: Matter is an opportunity for true interoperability

In News, Protocoles, 5thSeptember 2021

Open source NAS for Raspberry pi CM4 the future!

After the end announced by kobol , Wiretrustee announces the imminent arrival of a SATA card compatible with the Raspberrypi compute module 4 (CM4)

In News, 1stSeptember 2021

Kobol helios 64 is done!

On Wednesday 25 August, the company decided to put an end to the adventure of the open source helios 64 NAS (network attached storage) storage box.

In News, 26thAugust 2021

[TEST] and [INSTALL] Zigbee Thermostat Moes BHT-002

Today I will test and install the Zigbee BHT-002 thermostat from the Moes brand, more precisely the electric heating version BHT-002-GBLZBW, this one will be replace with the Atlantic...

In Home-Assistant, Tests, Haade-lab, 12thAugust 2021

Automate your garage door for 5€

In this article I will simply show you how to automate your garage door for 5 € with homeassistant and an esp8266 7-30V module. The domotized motor is a hormann supramatic e3, but we ...

In Automation, Home-Assistant, Haade-lab, 19thMay 2021

Esphome and Homeassistant integrations

ESPHome is a program injection system to control your ESP8266 / ESP32 wifi modules with simple but powerful configuration files and control them remotely via home automation systems s...

In Automation, Haade-lab, Home-Assistant, 11thMay 2021

[TEST] Moes: Touch Zigbee Switch {ZTS-EU} UPGRADE 2020

So why did we choose to present this product to you, and well because it has only one drawback, everything else is positive.

In Tests, 17thMarch 2021

Connected Protocol Home over IP/Matter

This article is a translation of the original article available at this address of the future home over ip protocol

In Automation, Protocoles, 11thFebruary 2020

Zigbee, comprendre le protocole et le mailing

I tried to find on the web articles concerning the protocol and the zigbee mesh and the management of its park of modules but none had been able to meet my expectations, this is how t...

In Automation, Protocoles, 10thFebruary 2020