Esphome and Homeassistant integrations

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Esphome and Homeassistant integrations


ESPHome is a program injection system to control your ESP8266 / ESP32 wifi modules with simple but powerful configuration files and control them remotely via home automation systems such as Homeassistant.

Moreover, the company Nabu Casa, which owns the Homeassistant program, acquired the esphome program in March 2021

Thanks to the integration in Esphome’s Homeassistant it is now very easy to inject a file into the esp8266/esp32 wifi module and to control it, the first injection is done by usb using a UART/USB FT232 adapter available here, and allowing the module to be connected via the 3.3/5v, Gnd, Rx/Tx and Tx/Rx connectors.


You can find the installation in English on

Nothing could be simpler in homeassistant (hassio), tab Supervisor >>> Shop additional modules search for esphome and install it. There is nothing to touch in the configuration tab of the module, once installed, do not forget to select Show in the sidebar. In order to be able to control the injection.

install esphome in homeassistant


Now all you have to do is press the little **** at the bottom right and follow the steps:

  • 1 – give a name to the file (in miniature and without space)
  • 2 – choose the platform corresponding to the chip available on your printed circuit
  • 3 – fill in the coordinates of your wifi in the local network 2.4Ghz (ota not mandatory)
  • 4 – finish

add esphome module in homeassistant

animated gif when adding a module in esphome Now you have to integrate the inputs (relay, contactor, optocoupler, led, etc.), you can find a lot of them on the site

There is plenty to have fun at low prices, now all that remains is to refine the injections according to the modules purchased.



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