Test of the Tedee Go connected lock + accessories

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Test of the Tedee Go connected lock + accessories

A first for Haade, I’m going to present to you a connected lock made in Eastern countries, the Tedee Go with the Tedee bridge which goes well and finally, the Tedee digicode. For the record, I asked Tedee to provide me with the Pro version which looks more attractive, but the brand favors this range for installation by professionals and found it more relevant to send me the Tedee Go aimed at the general public.

Tedee's new smart lock. Quick to install. Easy to like. Black model.


By Tedee

Tedee's new smart lock. Quick to install. Easy to like. Black model.

I find it a shame because despite the high price, it has a rechargeable battery which has a longer battery life!

Thank you to the Tedee company for providing me with a good part of the range in order to be able to carry out the tests in good conditions!

test of the entire tedee range

The complete Tedee Range is available from our partner domadoo!

The lock Tedee Go


We are not going to dwell on the subject because you will easily find all the information on the net. The tedee go module is well packaged and you will find:

  • a lock connected with batteries
  • a cylinder support not exceeding 3mm at the outlet
  • a cleaning wipe
  • an allen key
  • the notice
  • the cardboard guide with QRcode
contents of the Tedee Go connected lock box

Dimensions et Caractéristiques

rendering and quality of the Tedee Go connected lock
Weight196 g
DimensionsØ 58mm x 65mm
Operating temperature10-40°C (indoor only)
Operating humiditymax. 65%
Country of productionPoland, EU
Power supply3x CR123/CR123A battery
Battery lifeUp to 6-8 months for 8 operations per day
SecurityTLS 1.3
Can be paired withTedee Bridge, Tedee Keyboard
Can be installed onEuropean profile cylinders, equipped with a double (emergency) clutch

Against competition

In terms of dimensions (from the front), I would like to point out, Tedee Go is very small, if you are ready to put your hand in your wallet, the Tedee Pro is even smaller. Big positive point for the brand. However, the depth is quite significant which still offers a good grip.

<img class="pictinpost lazyload" src="https://haade.fr/assets/images/generated/posts/120/comparatif-dimension-serrure-connecte-du-marche-240-b3ace0c9b.png" alt="comparison of the size of the tedee go lock versus the competition--img width="940" height="267"">

Installation and Advantage

Well you will find all the information on the web and on the future video which will be released soon on our Youtube channel.

It installs very quickly and effortlessly, I guarantee it 👍

  1. Keep your current hardware: You will install the Tedee GO in a few minutes, on the current cylinder, without having to replace the hardware, and all without making a single hole.
  2. Keeps the keys: Tedee GO is a key turner, you don’t have to replace the key or twist it, the Tedee GO lock fits onto the key. You can of course open from the outside with your traditional key.
  3. Virtual keys: Share access to the home with family, friends or tenants. Facilitates access with virtual keys in the Tedee app, controlling who enters, when, for how long and at what time.
  4. Your personal doorman: Relax with simple features – set Tedee GO to automatically lock when you leave or return home.

lock options Tedee Go with the app

  1. Automatically lock the door when the lock is unlocked
  2. Automatically lock the door when the lock is semi-locked
  3. automatic unlocking when you are near the door (bluetooth)
  4. Latch (without exterior handle chosen to open the door entirely)
  5. configure the physical button of the lock (unlock/lock, automatic closing with delay, time delay)
  6. Calibration
  7. Alert on unlocked lock
  8. Emergency unlock option
tedee go lock, unlock and latch option

I repeat throughout this thread, this lock is a delight in terms of installation and installation. Tedee signs it flawlessly. If you are looking for a lock without tinkering and without having done the science to configure it then the Tedee Go is made for you 👍.

tedee go option button settings, emergency option and alert notification

Quality of the Tedee Go

The system protection handle is tinted an aluminum gray, but I’m a little disappointed because it’s not, it’s definitely ABS plastic, probably a choice made by the company and certainly because of the weight of the whole thing.

quality of the tedee Go shell in ABS not the best

The noise in all this 💩

So I looked a little on the web, there are videos where you can hear this lock in operation, but no one really talks about it, yet this lock is noisy.

If like me you have teenagers at home, the lock will trigger eczema in you! …

The video was taken about 60cm from the lock with the smartphone, the decibels rise to 70, marcel heats up…

Tedee's new smart lock. Quick to install. Easy to like. Black model.


By Tedee

Tedee's new smart lock. Quick to install. Easy to like. Black model.

Battery consumption

This tab will be modified throughout the month to have more real data smoothing

The module works with 3 CR123 batteries, these are lithium batteries which are relatively expensive. You find them on the internet between 2 and 4€ depending on the quality/brand. I am at 9 days of operation, the autonomy is 94% with the original batteries. The manufacturer gives a lifespan of 6 to 8 months for an average of 8 operations per day or 4 openings/closings.

Apart from the first day I am below 8 operations, according to the data collected we would be at 150 days of autonomy which represents 5 months of operation on battery

If you rent seasonally, don’t forget to change the batteries regularly to hope that they last all season or train the concierge to know how to change them. !

Product advantages:

  • The application (difficult to do better)
  • installation (super practical)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • manufacturing quality

The - of the product:

  • Battery module 3 x CR123
  • energy consuming
  • plastic handle
  • very noisy
  • Bridge required to connect it to external home automation
  • the price 165€

Tedee Bridge for Tedee Go

Tedee's new smart lock. Quick to install. Easy to like. Gray model.


By Tedee

Tedee's new smart lock. Quick to install. Easy to like. Gray model.

The Tedee Bridge wireless router allows you to control the Tedee GO connected lock via the Internet, and allows you to benefit from the API in order to easily control it via a home automation box, in my case Home-Assistant. Is it necessary! Personally, if you are interested in home automation then buy the Tedee bridge.

The Bridge is well made, nothing to say about the packaging and design. As you may have noticed, there is no thread, but you could add one. Originally you fit the bridge onto the socket and plug it in. Then you start the app and follow the guide, 2 minutes later the bridge will take over the tedee Go lock and it’s f.i.n.i.s.h.e.d.

Presentation and unpacking of the bridge to open access to the outside of the tedee go

Well you know having a connected lock is good, using it with an application that is 100% functional is better, but if you are like me and you use several brands or protocols, centralize all in a single application, it’s still a great comfort.

For the record, one day a mechanic came to my house to change the tires on the car, anyway, he started talking about his solar system, and the control, so I veered off on home automation, logic. And then he begins to take out the laptop and show me various applications to control everything he has automated.

And I said to myself, how does he manage to get out of this, it’s the smartphone that must be heating up!

Technical characteristics

Dimensions64.5mm x 63.5mm x 28mm
Operating temperature10-40°C (indoor only)
Operating humiditymax. 65%
Made inPoland, EU
Power supply5V = 300mA
Electrical connectionPower outlet (included) or micro USB (cable not included)
Wi-Fi communication2.4 GHz
Bluetooth communicationBLE 5.0, 2.4GHz
Security protocolTLS 1.3
Recommended configurationmax. 2m from Tedee Lock; 1-10m from Wi-Fi router
Works with smart home systemsGoogle Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Homey, Fibaro,
Grenton, eeDomus, Consolomio
Jeedom, Home-Assistant, etc…

Product advantages:

  • extra installation and integration

The - of the product:

  • the price (79€)

After Tedee Go, the bridge is a treat in terms of installation and configuration in the Tedee application. You will appreciate this simplicity!

Tedee Keypad passcode

Create unique five- to eight-digit access codes and open doors without using your smartphone.


By Tedee

Create unique five- to eight-digit access codes and open doors without using your smartphone.

Certainly this keyboard is not cheap, 99€ just the price leaves one wondering, but we continue on a good path

contents of the Tedee Go digital code box

But frankly it remains an interesting discovery, of remarkable quality, it does what we ask of it, with integration into the application as simple as Tedee Go and Bridge. It works via Bluetooth so it must be at a certain maximum distance from the Tedee Go for reasons of coverage and security. The product is very well made with thick plastics and molded on the back.

Operation details

detailed operation of the Tedee Go digital code keys
  • Unlock the door without a smartphone using a PIN code
  • Installation in just a few minutes, powered by 3 VARTA AAA batteries. Installation with glue or screws, even outdoors.
  • Choose a 5 to 8 digit code and define, modify and assign PIN codes via the mobile app wherever you are
  • Manages up to 100 active PIN codes and assigns unique codes to users for complete control of access and activity history.
  • Finally Share access simply by giving the logical PIN code! NO !.

No risk taken

No data is stored in the keyboard. It only connects to the tedee connected lock which operates via a secure cloud.

Tedee digital code option

Access to tedee digicode options on the official application

The Tedee digital code is not left out in terms of options, you can configure:

  • the sound
  • the backlight
  • activate a doorbell button notification
  • locking without pin code
Lots of options for the Tedee digital code, sounds, backlights, notifications

As I said, the products in the Tedee range are very well made, the application is full of configurable options and that’s a real plus.


ModelTKV 1.0
Weight120 g (without batteries), 155 g (with 3 AAA batteries)
Dimensions48mm x 135mm x 28mm
Power supply3 AAA batteries included
Battery lifeaccording to battery manufacturer’s instructions
Bluetooth communicationBluetooth BLE 5.0 2.4 Ghz
IP protection ratingIP65

Product advantages:

  • manufacturing quality
  • batteries provided
  • very professional operation
  • superb integration into the app
  • easy wall installation and screws provided
  • change the code remotely

The - of the product:

  • the price 99€ (very expensive for a digital code)

So know if this Digicode is useful to you?

Yes, if people (children, seasonal tenants) must have the key and do not have a telephone or do not want to install the Tedee application.

Tedee product instructions

The Tedee application

Google playstore: Tedee

Apple AppStore: Tedee

I’m not a fan of home automation through multiple applications, but rather for all in one that’s why systems like Jeedom or Home-assistant exist, fortunately there are these solutions, but for the moment they are not as complete as the Tedee application, You will still be able to control the lock!

The Tedee application is very well done, integrating the brand’s products only takes a few seconds and configuration is simplified. everything happens via QRCode and a Bluetooth connection apart from the bridge where a wifi setting is necessary (2.4 and 5Ghz compatible), here too I encountered no problems. As soon as your module is recognized, the application already offers an update which only takes a few seconds and all transferred by Bluetooth.

frankly I have rarely seen an application that is so optimized and easy to use.

Tedee pairing

The Tedee modules (Go, Bridge and digicode) are equipped with Bluetooth as well as qrcodes on the product and on the instructions for pairing, only the digicode does not have a qrcode on the product. oblique safety guard. At the request of the app scan the qrcode of the new product and it will be integrated immediately, if an update is available it will be done directly at lightning speed.

Guest Access Sharing

The Smartphone Application is well designed to generate access with various settings as well as sending automatic emails, but I am disappointed because the person must download the app to be able to use this access, a link in the form of buttons to click would have been simpler because if you do seasonal rental the customer may be reluctant to install this type of app. Well there is still the Tedee Digicode which will lighten your workload a little more. wallet.

email sharing access to the Tedee Go lock

But this is not inevitable, the web portal of Tedee will allow you to refine the management of links or codes access depending on one or more locks but also depending on various organizations and reservation applications, it seems complete so I will write an article specifically on the management of connected locks from the Tedee brand.

Tedee's new smart lock. Quick to install. Easy to like. Black model.


By Tedee

Tedee's new smart lock. Quick to install. Easy to like. Black model.

Tedee Compatibility

Tedee API

An API in constant evolution available here

Access to the API on the app to configure Tedee Go and external source software as a home assistant

The brand shows compatibility with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Homey but also Fibaro, eedomus, Loxone, neuronhouse, Jeedom, Ampio and Home-Assistant

In all these cases you will need the Tedee Bridge

with bridge

  • Home assistant
  • Jeedom (plugin €4)
  • Fibaro
  • Eedomus
  • Loxone
  • etc…

Home Assistant integration

And yes the Tedee Go lock is partially compatible with home assistant but to do so you will ideally need the bridge but not obligatory, you could use the Tedee Go directly with HA through of homekit if you already have a homekit bridge but you will not have access to all the functions.

With the Tedee bridge

Once the bridge is configured via the official Tedee application, go to the settings and activate the API. Once activated, go to the API information and retrieve the Token key as well as the IP address, see the screenshot above

Then the rest happens in Home-Assistant in a way that is more than a simple click directly on the button below

Homeassistant Integration par marque

Enter the IP address as well as the token and you will have directly all the information which will come up in Home Assistant (for the moment only the lock and the bridge will come up), I don’t have too much concern for the integration of the others components because the API is very complete. You can also participate in the integration project because there is a python library integration and the corresponding github

Rendering home-assistant and Tedee Go

integration tedee go and bridge in home assistant

On the Tedee application I have a bridge, a Tedee Go and a Digicode installed, and currently only the Bridge and the Tedee Go are recognized. The Bridge does not include functions to control. For the Tedee Go lock, you will find the main locking function as well as information that I was unable to reconcile with the Tedee application.

  • Like the duration of the mechanism at 2 (which should be an opening delay)
  • Mechanism activated…
  • semi-locked (well this is the option on the app).
functions available in home assistant of the tedee go connected lock

Below I made an Animated Gif of how unlocking works and all without going through the Tedee cloud (because we use the API call). The operation under Home Assistant of the Tedee Go is super interesting.

Because you can choose between unlocking the handle or unlocking with action on the latch, unlike the Tedee app or you must select a latch option beforehand before you can use it.

How the tedee go connected lock works in home assistant

Tedee's new smart lock. Quick to install. Easy to like. Black model.


By Tedee

Tedee's new smart lock. Quick to install. Easy to like. Black model.


The Tedee Go lock, the Tedee Bridge and the Digicode are successful installations and integrations into the world of the Tedee brand. The whole thing is manufactured in Europe (Poland) and it is a good thing.

The Tedee Go connected lock is a good lock but has 2 negative points, one it is noisy and two it is energy-consuming.

If noise is the least of your worries then I recommend Tedee Go smart lock, otherwise pass your turn.



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