Moes Push Button Zigbee Switch Test ZTS-EU

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Moes Push Button Zigbee Switch Test ZTS-EU

For continuity here is a quality test of the Moes tactile button switch also named Zts-eu this is a push button, moreover it bears the same name as the test done previously with the tactile switch of the same brand you can consult the test: test zts-eu tactile by Moes.


  • Home assistant installed with version 2021.8.0 minimum
  • Zigbee2mqtt in version 1.24.0 of March 2022
Moes zts-eu brand push button switch

zigbee push button switch moes from 1 to 3 switches

By Waveshare

Moes zts-eu brand push button switch

Connecting the push button

The Moes range offers all of its switches with a neutral connection, but it is not mandatory without a neutral connection, the phase alone allows the LEDs to operate without the need to add an additional resistor.

switch push button

Like any zigbee module connected to the mains, the router/repeater function is activated when this module is connected with the neutral, however in zigbee2mqtt this is not the case, is this a bug!! for my part, the meshes are so dense that I have not encountered any problems.

Product Features

Operating voltage:AC100-250V, 50/60Hz
Type of current:10A total
Inductive load (LED/CFL):3-120W
Resistive load (incandescent):3-300W for 110V; 3-600W for 220V
Wireless Type:2.4GHz Wi-Fi/ZigBee
Power consumption:≤ 0.5W
Support system:Android\iOS

Quick presentation video

In the video below, a quick presentation of the operation of the push button to get an idea of the quality of the materials.

For the price the quality is there I would say it’s a bit below Legrand switches, however for the same price you can buy 2 to 3 switches.

Integration in Homeassistant with zigbee2mqtt

integration is done without worries, integration is done by pressing a push button for 5 seconds until it flashes.

integration Moes push button switch in homeassistant-zigbee2mqtt

feature of integration in zigbee2mqtt

moes push button switch setting in homeassistant
  • indicate_light: allows to choose the position of the led lighting (important command especially if it is installed in a room)


Currently the moes zts-eu switches are not recognized as a router in zigbee2mqtt but as enddevice when they are connected with the neutral

bug switch not recognized as router when neutral is connected


A simple automation in home-assistant in order to automate the operation of a classic remote control, then it works perfectly, but be careful all the same in case of operation because the remote control could remain in the open position and burn.

alias: double clic télérupteur entrée
description: "automatisation sur télérupteur"
  - platform: device
    type: turned_on
    device_id: e00698412e7acb9a7e80c908e862c08f
    entity_id: switch.inter_entree_l1
    domain: switch
condition: []
  - type: toggle
    device_id: e00698412e7acb9a7e80c908e862c08f
    entity_id: switch.inter_entree_l1
    domain: switch
mode: single

In conclusion

Sold between 20 and 25€ these switches do the job, they fit perfectly into round junction boxes of the European type, the plastic is of good quality, perhaps lacks a bit of thickness, the fact of being able to configure the leds, the simplicity of connection as well as the constancy of the mesh thanks to the zigbee 3.0 makes it a good product.



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