Test of Sonoff SNZB-01P

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Test of Sonoff SNZB-01P

After testing the Sonoff SNZB-02P temperature and humidity sensor a short time ago, it is now time to test the SNZB-01P intelligent scene button. I could have presented both at the same time but I preferred to do it separately. Following on from what Sonoff offers, does this push button do the job for the price!

Photos of Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3.0 smart scene button

Frankly I don’t have much negative to say about this module. Aesthetically the SNZB-01P is successful, the integration and the lifespan of the battery is a plus. Equipped with silabs EFR32MG22 zigbee chip, makes the product smaller, mesh and inclusion is no problem for it.

Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3-function intelligent scene button

Sonoff Smart Scene Button SNZB-01P

By Sonoff

Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3-function intelligent scene button

Overview of SNZB-01P

The package is simple and clear. you will find inside the package:

  • a SNZB-01P sensor (luckily otherwise you’ve been fooled)
  • an orange magnetic steel wall support
  • a double sided 3M for support or live
  • a screw for the support
  • a sticker sheet
  • a technical notice
box contents of the Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3.0 intelligent scene button

J’ai repris une image du fonctionnement du support magnétique déjà présent sur le SNZB-02P

Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3.0 intelligent scene button wall bracket mounting

List of Cognitive articles

liste des compatibilités

La liste de compatibilité du Sonoff SNZB-01P est intéressante et large grâce à la compatibilité Z2M

  • Home assistant
  • Jeedom
  • Openhab
  • Gladys
  • Ewelink
  • IFTT
  • Amazon Alexa

Compatible avec Zigbee2mqtt

Le produit est efficacement compatible avec ZM je n’ai rencontré aucun soucis d’inclusion. Ce qui le rendra compatible avec les box et systèmes domotiques du moment ( Home assistant, Jeedom, Gladys, etc…)

intégration dans Z2M du bouton scene intelligente Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3.0

Possible actions of SNZB-01P

3 actions are available with this button, as is often the case with this type of button:

  • single click
  • double click
  • 5 seconds long click
integration into Z2M of the intelligent scene button Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3.0 exposed tabrendering in Home Assistant intelligent scene button Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3.0

The reaction time between the moment you press and the exit reaction is approximately 1 second, it is not instantaneous unfortunately, in fact a red light will indicate that the command has been sent .

Big negative point the Sonoff SNZB-01P is not compatible in direct association, binding (live operation without Zigbe2mqtt and a coordinator) between two modules. It’s a shame, especially since the onOff function is available on this switch. Personally I haven’t been able to get it to work but maybe someone has. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to let me know.

compatible with ZHA

In ZHA nothing to say either the Sonoff SNZB-01P is purely compatible.

The SNZB-01P is well compatible with ZHA and Home Assistant, integration is done simply by pressing the inclusion button for 5 seconds

support in zha home intelligent scene button assistant Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3.0

In ZHA on the SNZB-01P interface, you cannot clearly see the returns of the three simple, double or long functions. However, these are well recognized, you can test via the Blueprint integration below.

rendering in home assistant of the intelligent scene button Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3.0

Blueprint automation of SNZB-01P

To create an automation and use all 3 functions of Sonoff SNZB-01P, just choose between Z2M and ZHA and click on the link below and configure the entities in function of a press (single, double or long).

For Zigbee2mqtt

Homeassistant Blueprint


Homeassistant Blueprint

Binding function of SNZB-01P

Unlike its big brother the SNZB-01, the Sonoff SNZB-01P is not compatible with the Binding function, at least I haven’t managed to get it to work nor in ZHA nor in Zigbee2mqtt. Too bad this function is very useful and allows you to speed up response times between modules.

product advantages SNZB-01P

  • manufacturing quality
  • zigbee 3.0 certified EFR32MG22 chip
  • battery life
  • battery life
  • the price (around €13)
  • supplied with various stickers
  • the many compatibilities
  • the various supports

the - of the product SNZB-01P

  • Binding mode (non-functional binding).
rendering button size intelligent scene Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3.0

Characteristics of SNZB-01P

Custom Button Actionyou can customize the button actions as you want. Control multiple devices with single tap, double tap and long press.
Compatible with Zigbee 3.0supports Zigbee hubs using the Zigbee 3.0 protocol and theoretically supports adding to any Zigbee hub developed in accordance with Zigbee 3.0 protocols. Like SONOFF NSPanel Pro, ZB Bridge Pro and ZBDongle-E.
Trigger Alexa RoutinesTrigger Alexa routines by pressing the wireless switch.
Emergency ButtonSNZB-01P can be used as an emergency button in case of emergency, your family can press the button to send an alert notification to your phone.
5 years of battery lifepowered by a CR2477 battery. *Battery life data is obtained from SONOFF in-house laboratory, please refer to actual usage.

Technical specifications:

Wireless connectionZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4)
Battery modelCR2477
Working temperature-10°C-60°C
Case MaterialPC
Net weight27.8g
Product dimensions45 x 45 x 17.7 mm
Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3-function intelligent scene button

Sonoff Smart Scene Button SNZB-01P

By Sonoff

Sonoff SNZB-01P zigbee 3-function intelligent scene button


The Sonoff SNZB-01P is a very well finished product, which does the job. To compare with its predecessor the SNZB-01 there is no photo the SNZB-01P is well in the lead however I have removed points because the SNZB-01P does not support the link in direct (binging), while its big brother SNZB-01 supports it, and that’s a shame. If the Binding function is not an obligation for you then go ahead and buy this module. I would like to take advantage of this article to thank Itead for providing me with this little gem.



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