Nodon launches its matter range in presale

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Nodon launches its matter range in presale

Today, NodOn is finalizing its first compatible products and offering a Matter demo kit with its flagship products to allow manufacturers to discover the products, their capabilities and to test Matter interoperability with their own ecosystem.

demo-kit-matter by Nodon

The products presented in demonstration are based on Hardware already finalized, marketed and CE certified; only the Application Firmware needs to be finalized in order to be Matter certified.

The modules presented

nodon matter 1 relay module diagram
The Multifunction Module Matter allows you to control a garage door, a gate, a radiator, a socket, a boiler… It can be quickly installed on existing equipment to make it connected and controllable remotely
diagram module nodon matter lighting 2 relay
With its two channels, the Lighting Module ON/OFF Matter makes it possible to make one or two lights connected and remotely controllable. It can be installed quickly and without work behind a wired switch, on the ceiling or on the electrical panel.
nodon matter roller shutter module diagram
The Roller Shutter Module Matter makes the roller shutter, the awning or the motorized adjustable venetian blind connected thanks to a simple installation and without work).
nodon matter module diagram temperature sensor
The Matter temperature and humidity sensor periodically measures the ambient temperature and humidity and sends the information to the home automation unit to ensure efficient heating management.
module diagram nodon matter remote control octan
The Octan Matter remote control is a hybrid between a switch and a remote control, which allows you to directly control the light, the roller shutters, the garage door or any other compatible connected object. It can also be used to launch a scenario. Magnetic, it can be used as a remote control or switch, fixed to the wall with its wall bracket.
nodon matter module diagram opening detector
The Opening Detector Doors and Windows Matter allows you to know in real time the open/closed state of an opening. It reports the information to a home automation center in order to save energy.

Matter in a nutshell

Matter to address the issue of interoperability. Matter is a new protocol whose initial goal is to respond to a major problem in the connected home world: interoperability. Indeed, the first will of Matter is to be the universal protocol which will interconnect the whole house. Matter was born from the association of the big names in Silicon Valley dominating the voice assistant market: Amazon, Apple and Google who have joined forces to propose a common protocol on which their ecosystems will communicate. Matter does not only depend on the 3 American giants since it is more than 220 different companies which participate in the development with in particular the leaders of the sector in France such as Somfy, Schneider Electric or Legrand.

matter by nodon diagram

Nodon and Matter

NodOn favors the Thread protocol. It is based on IPv6, which is an IP protocol that makes it compatible with Matter. Thread is a very interesting protocol because it consumes little energy, like Wifi. In addition to being secure, it works on a mesh network, which extends its coverage and the overall range of objects present in the network. The only weak point is that this protocol has no application layer (two devices cannot communicate directly with each other). Matter will act as an application layer above Thread. The Thread protocol is ideal for NodOn applications that consume little power and transmit little data (control of lighting, roller shutters, etc.).

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