Mainly powered by links chosen and sponsored by Aliexpress. The Haade store also sells selected products from our warehouse in Alsace. Find mainly products dedicated to home automation. But also in computing, such as NAS, hard disks, TFT / LCD screen.

wemos mini D1 pro esp module with antenna

New with this wemos D1 mini Pro

5v flat inductive sensor TL-W5MC1-5V for water meter

TL-W5MC1-5V flat shape inductive proximity switch, 30x18x10.5mm, DC NPN NO 5VDC, working voltage 5V, special for MCU.

5v inductive sensor LJ18A3-8Z/BX for water meter

M18 inductive proximity sensor, 8mm, DC 5V NPN, no cylinder/switch, working voltage 5VDC, special for MCU.

zigbee key 3.0 Sonoff zbridge Dongle-E

Key functional immediately with zigbee2mqtt, openhab and homeassistant**


The NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch is equipped with a built-in powerful thermostat and environmental sensors. You can set different indoor temperatures for different time periods, and NSPanel will automatically...

sonoff snzb-04 zigbee aperture controller

The SONOFF SNZB-04 Wireless Door/Window Sensor is essential for knowing who is entering and leaving your home, so it is most often used as part of a smart security system....

Raspberry Pi touch screen

Unique Features of UPi06 Max:

Fan for Raspberrypi 4

This is the new dual fan version for Raspberry Pi 4 b+ module, 7mm 9-page cooling fan, heat-dissipating sticker on the back, simple and practical. More importantly, the noise is...

z-wave neo coolcam touch switch

Smart design: The light switch is a SMART device that can be remotely controlled by Z-Wave network Safe and efficient network: In z-wave network communications, the light switch can be...

Temperature sensor sonoff snzb-02 zigbee

SONOFF SNZB-02 is a ZigBee temperature and humidity sensor that can work seamlessly with SONOFF ZigBee Bridge and Zigbee2mqtt to track temperature and humidity changes in your home. It is...

Sonoff zigbee zbmini

SONOFF ZBMINI is a ZigBee-enabled two-way smart switch that is compatible with various zigbee coordinators, including SONOFF ZBBridge, Amazon Hub, Samsung SmartThings Hub and Philips Hue Hub. The ZigBee3.0 protocol...

zigbee digital temperature sensor

The intelligent temperature and humidity sensor, adopts high quality material, with accurate measurement, suitable for different environments. Tuya temperature detector can send online reports to the host in time, convenient...

Zigbee Moes 3 in 1 Thermometer

New Moes Zigbee Thermometer detects: ambient light changes real-time temperature and humidity It is an extremely powerful device with a mini design for three functions all in one, saving money...

Grow R503 - Fingerprint sensor

The Grow R503 can collect 200 fingerprints, the recognition rate is high whatever the conditions (dry or wet finger, fine texture or marked texture). It can be easily integrated into...

GRANDIR R503 stainless steel

Stainless steel plate for grow R503 or GM60 fingerprint sensor Dimensions: 86x86mm Hole diameter: 25mm Thickness: 1.05mm Available for purchase with plastic protection or galvanized steel protection.

Multiroom upstream anp v4

Still running cables around your audio system? Want to listen to music on the Internet? The Up2Stream AMP v4 Wifi and Bluetooth amplifier board is perfect for you. You can...

ft232 converter module

The FT232R is a USB to serial UART interface, an inexpensive way to add USB capability to microcontrollers. Use this to give your own breadboard for USB capability for booting...

ESP8266 relay 7-30v ESP-12F

With ESP8266 WiFi module, 4-layer board design. Input overvoltage protection, input with TVS, when the voltage exceeds 33V, the automatic protection works. Input overcurrent protection. Relay 220V 10A, 125V 12A...

Argon One+ raspberrypi box

Argon ONE V2 aluminum case for Pi 4, aluminum case of very good quality delivered with fan and connection component for adaptation with the case. Compatible only with the raspberry...

colorvu camera hikvision protocol

Chinese colorvu cameras integrating the hikvision protocol are really impressive value for money.

Zigbee 3.0 compatible Moes thermostat

Definitely Moes manufactures quality zigbee products and we will soon present this thermostat to you in more detail with a detailed article and perhaps a video presented by uncle

Aqara door sensor by xiaomi zigbee 3.0

Xiaomi released quality door sensors some time ago.

Upgrade 2020 Moes zigbee-rf switch on old

Moes releases an UPGRADE 2020 from the 1-2 light switch

Aluminum box raspberry 4 Argon with Nvme M.2 disk

Argon had already released a first aluminum raspberry pi box at a very affordable price, now they are going further by offering a variant with a hard disk, more data...

Junction box Coswall square

I had presented a little time ago the flush-mounting box for hollow partition, here it is available in a version to be sealed in all solid walls.

Argon One M.2 expansion card

to all those who wish to add the M. en Nvme hard disk expansion card to their existing Argon One then this product is made for you. Finally a lasting...

KingSpec M.2 NVME ssd hard drive

You will find on aliexpress a hard drive adapted to Argon extension support sold from 128gb to 2Tb enough to do in all situations rated out of reviews, it’s a...

Switch Moes ZTS-EU upgrade 2020

You want to choose a good tactile switch then do not hesitate any more. Tested by uncle since the evolution in 2020 (see link below). The upgrade includes some new...

Coswall Square Flush Box for placo

Recessed box for plasterboard or drywall, it is ideal for all new constructions or renovations, in any case I recommend it because in home automation we always need a little...