Deserves a category in its own right, security in home automation is by far the most used, with alarm and video surveillance systems in the first place

Which card to choose to mount your nas and home automation with nvr

I plan to equip a house with a NAS server which will be used mainly for home automation but also as a NVR recorder server. The priority is the price...

Integrate an esp32-cam camera into a light fixture

Simply, professional and effective Haade-lab tutorial for a cost of less than 10€, I will integrate an Ai Thinker Esp32-cam camera into a Philips light fixture fixed in the parking...

Esp32-cam Ai Thinker and homeassistant

Why start this article when there are already plenty of others. First, I realized that the other articles or forum topics are all incomplete or poorly explained when it comes...

Explanation of zones in Zoneminder

This is one of the most important concepts in ZoneMinder and there are six choices to choose from.

Use of filters in Zoneminder

The filters in ZoneMinder have a very important role, they allow you to classify, archive and delete almost everything in Zoneminder, whether events, videos or images.

Zoneminder, home assistant and Machinelearning

Dlandon this year released a Docker image complete with Zoneminder and Machinelearning, integration into home assistant is complete. This is why this article absolutely had to see the light of...