[TEST] Moes: Touch Zigbee Switch {ZTS-EU} UPGRADE 2020

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So why did we choose to present this product to you, and well because it has only one drawback, everything else is positive.

Moes’ zigbee-compatible touch switch looks a lot like Livolo’s switch, however the 2020 upgrade and the touch interface make this product a very good switch and above all it stands out.

discovery of Moes Zigbee ZTS-EU tactile switches

Commercial Link Moes Upgrade 2020 Switch

Official Video Moes switch presentation by Tonton

Tonton Alias ​​Yann has made available a video concerning the test of the Moes ZTS-EU tactile switch.

As Tonton says in the video, the Moes switch works under homeassistant with the zigbee2mqtt module from version 1.18.x.

Coswall square recessed box ideal for new and old:

  1. recessed box 83mm hollow materials
  2. Coswall 85mm flush-mounting box

So what are its advantages:

  1. It has a side dimension of 86mm which makes it compatible with square flush-mounting boxes, moreover, there are very good ones on Aliexpress link above:
  2. Exists in European and US version
  3. Available in 3 colors (white/black/gold)
  4. Available in 1,2 and 3 keys (gang)
  5. Touch interface is responsive and responsive, we encountered no issues during testing
  6. The switch incorporates the neutral (connection not compulsory) does better than the competition.
  7. acts as a zigbee network relay (if the neutral is connected).
  8. By plugging in the phase only the blue LED lights up without the need to add a capacitance does better than the competition.
  9. the blue light is discreet, so it can easily be used in a bedroom
  10. No contactor noise when changing state.
  11. It works in Toggle mode (so no need to plug in a light bulb)
  12. As a result, we can simulate a back and forth (2way) via our favorite assistant.
  13. The more than attractive price 15-17€ for the white inter 1 touch

What’s the downside as I found only one other than it doesn’t act as a router when the neutral isn’t connected

  1. The internal antenna lacks power during our tests the switch is located 3 meters from the zigbee antenna and the LQI indicated 52, while the xiaomi door sensor located at the same distance displays 113 LQI. Having tested several touchscreens of different brands, the results remain essentially the same.
  2. The switch light does not work in Toggle mode (without bulbs connected through the switch).

In conclusion

Do not hesitate, you can go for it and buy it, it is really a very good product.



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