Nspanel Pro 3.0 Rubik Design Update

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Nspanel Pro 3.0 Rubik Design Update

Sonoff evolves the user interface (UI) of NSPanel Pro, version 3.0.0 integrates Rubik an interface module which opens up the fields of possibility for you. The company continues to upgrade the firmware of Zigbee modules, and this proves that this company is serious.

Rubik was certainly inspired by the famous game Rubik’s cube, the grid interface is a full reference to it.

Changing the main Rubik theme on the NSPanel Pro

I must say that having tested it, this new interface is easy to set up.

Sonoff Nspanel Pro controller with zigbee 3.0 and integrated wifi

Sonoff Nspanel Pro controller

By Sonoff

Sonoff Nspanel Pro controller with zigbee 3.0 and integrated wifi

Rubik interface on NSPanel Pro

Below I took screenshots of the old interface with the default theme, with on the 3rd image a screenshot of the Sonoff startup NSPanel Pro, * *when in the 4th** image it shows an extended page with a module installed but disabled in the upper left corner.

Screenshot of the old interface with the main Rubik theme installed on the NSPanel Pro

Here we have to deal with the new interface,

  1. 1st image shows default theme
  2. the second image a Rubik theme with modules installed around the edge
  3. the 3rd shows the change of the setting page on a transparent background
  4. The last one is a different theme with mainly the reminder tab which will allow you to display a message from the phone.
Screenshot with new interface of main Rubik theme on NSPanel Pro

On capturing the Ewelink app below you will see 3 new tabs:

  1. Theme Setting
  2. Management of additional pages (extension, settings)
  3. Setting written reminders with options (reminder)
Ewelink capture update NSPanel Pro v3.0.0

Already present on the previous version of the firmware you will be able to change the Zigbee mode.

so at first glance it could be really nice but it’s not.

Already if you change mode you have to go through a reset of all parameters Hub mode allows you to use the NSPanel Pro as a zigbee coordinator. router mode allows the NSPanel to be controlled by another coordinator like Zigbee2Mqtt.

but at present no information comes from NSPanel Pro in Z2M so no use.

Ewelink capture update NSPanel Pro v3.0.0 mode zigbee hub or router

In the image below access to additional screen settings and Reminder.

The additional screen will allow you to create other pages with various modules to control. These pages can be configured to be accessible from a password which is super practical.

The reminder screen allows you to write a text when you call you can simply send it and add either:

  • high priority which will display a popup on the entire NSPanel Pro screen
  • or send as a notification to click which will send you to the popup.
Ewelink capture update NSPanel Pro v3.0.0 extended screen settings and reminder

Finally I created an animated navigation gif on the Ewelink application, like that, you will avoid any questions about the operation of Sonoff NSPanel Pro v3.0.0.

Navigation on Ewelink for Rubik nspanel pro v3.0.0 settings

Updated from version 2.2.0

V3.0.0(Mar. 15th, 2024)

  1. New UI design. Support customizing the layouts and widgets of the home screen
  2. Devices and scenes can be set on the same extended screen
  3. Support two-way call with CAST App
  4. Support adding Matter Light Switch and Matter Color Temperature Light
  5. Boot animation updated

V2.4.0(Jan. 16th, 2024)

  1. Support adding Matter bridges, and you can sync switch devices under the bridge to NSPanel Pro.
  2. New language added: Latviešu

V2.3.0(Dec. 12th, 2023)

  1. Support switching the temperature unit of thermostat, you can set it for ℃ or℉ in the App.
  2. Support adding Matter light devices.
  3. When the Bluetooth function is turned on, the Bluetooth icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.
Sonoff Nspanel Pro controller with zigbee 3.0 and integrated wifi

Sonoff Nspanel Pro controller

By Sonoff

Sonoff Nspanel Pro controller with zigbee 3.0 and integrated wifi


The Rubik theme of the new firmware v3.0.0 of NSPanel Pro is sincerely a success which allows you to easily control the modules of the Sonoff environment. If you decide to equip yourself exclusively with this brand then the Sonoff NSPanel Pro is made for you. Honestly, all that’s missing is Sonoff’s Cube environment.

Which would make this screen compatible with other brands so you could have a centralized installation and WAF, but for the moment this is not the case, maybe it will become so!



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