Argon One+ raspberrypi box
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Argon One+ raspberrypi box

Update:24thSeptember 2023
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Argon ONE V2 aluminum case for Pi 4, aluminum case of very good quality delivered with fan and connection component for adaptation with the case. Compatible only with the raspberry 4B, 8 options available on the product sheet.

  1. Sleek aluminum alloy casing
  2. Aluminum alloy case with modern space gray finish, sturdy and beautiful
  3. Removable top and GPIO recess
  4. Neat GPIO recess with magnetic removable top, both aesthetic and protective, there are even clear pin labels and color-coded header, make it easier to use
  5. “Always on” function
  6. Pi Auto Start and Fan Run Under Power, Enabled Via Jumper
  7. Incredible Temperature Management
  8. Expansion pillars make the aluminum case a great heat sink to transfer heat from the board, combined with the cooling fan and multiple airflow vents, the cooling effect can’t be better
  9. Easy assembly without messy wiring
  10. Comes With Two PCB Boards To Build It Simply, No Messy Wiring, No Wrong Connection, More Stable, Safer