Switch Moes ZTS-EU upgrade 2020
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Switch Moes ZTS-EU upgrade 2020

Update:14thApril 2024
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You want to choose a good tactile switch then do not hesitate any more. Tested by uncle since the evolution in 2020 (see link below). The upgrade includes some new features. Especially when installing in an old house.

What are the benefits of Moes Zigbee Touch:

  1. equipped with neutral but works without
  2. No need to add capacitance to bulb
  3. with phase only switch light works
  4. Supported integration in zigbee2mqtt 1.18.x
  5. discreet blue light (ideal for bedrooms)
  6. Touch interface is good
  7. measures 86mm square which makes it compatible with square integration boxes
  8. Does not make noise when action (turning on or off)
  9. operates in toggle mode for any function other than a light
  10. allows you to simulate coming and going via a home automation assistant such as Homeassistant

Detailed presentation article of the switch

Youtube presentation video