Grow R503 - Fingerprint sensor
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Grow R503 - Fingerprint sensor

Update: 21stMay 2024
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The Grow R503 can collect 200 fingerprints, the recognition rate is high whatever the conditions (dry or wet finger, fine texture or marked texture). It can be easily integrated into a variety of end products, such as: access controllers, presence, safe ….

Accessories are also available with the Grow R503 such as a stainless steel plate support, despite its fairly high level of tightness, ip65 you can also buy a plastic or zinc protective valve.

Product Description

TypeCapacitive Fingerprint Module
Resolution508 DPI
VoltageDC 3.3V
Fingerprint Capacity200
Sensing array192*192 pixel
Working current20mA
Standby currentTypical touch standby voltage: 3.3V, Average current: 2uA
Fingerprint module external sizeDiameter 28 (mm)
Fingerprint module inner sizeDiameter 23.5 (mm)
Fingerprint module height19 (mm)
Effective collection areaDiameter 15.5 (mm)
LED ControlYES
LED ColorBlue and Red
Scanning Speed< 0.2 second
Verification Speed< 0.3 second
Matching Method1:1; 1:N
Work environment-20C —60C
Work Humidity10-85%
Anti-static capacity15KV
Abrasive resistance intensity1 million times
Communications baud rate (UART):(9600 × N) bps where N = 1 ~ 12(default N = 6, ie 57600bps)

Technical folder: download here