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For JEEDOM, this device is compatible with the “Zigbee” plugin (which can work with any compatible Zigbee USB key such as Zigate, USB-ZIGBEE_EFR32 and Conbee2).

To find out more, discover our guide: “How to choose the right Zigbee device with Jeedom”.

WARNING! Using this product without a compatible home automation box may cause the time displayed to be delayed. Indeed, this device synchronizes its time with a compatible home automation box.

Monitor indoor air quality:

The monitor is used to detect air quality in the indoor environment, including CO2, temperature and humidity. Adopting advanced sensor with high stability, low sensitivity drift and long service life, without calibration operation. Aided by advanced Zigbee wireless technology. The user can learn about the home air environment anytime, anywhere, and maintain home air quality at its best.

Simplified design

The monitor is equipped with a high-definition, delicate and compact, full screen without black edge.

One-button switch and bright display

Display CO2 value, temperature, humidity, date and time simultaneously and clearly.

Automatic monitoring

Take care of the health of breathing anytime and anywhere.

real time alarm

With audible and visual alarm function, when indoor CO2 concentration exceeds the alarm setting value, it will automatically alarm and send the information to your phone APP through smart gateway.

Use your phone’s app to control other devices to keep it cool when it rings.

Mirror surface screen

The HEIMAN sensor becomes a mirror when the screen is off.

Dual feed

Using adapter power and containing a backup lithium-ion battery. Widely used in home, educational places, sports venues, offices and other scenarios.


Standard Zigbee protocol. Visualize the air quality in real time. Be alerted in case of abnormally high level of CO2. Create automations based on temperature, humidity and CO2.


Power supplyMains adapter Input: AC 100~240V Output DC 5V/1A Micro-USB
Built-in batterylithium-ion battery
CO2 sensor typenon-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR)
CO2 sensor lifetimemax. 10 years
Wireless protocolZigbee 3.0
Communication distance100 meters
Operating temperature-10°C to 40°C
Humidity10% to 95% (non-condensing)
Installation locationwall or desk stand
CO2 measurement range400-5000ppm
CO2 accuracy100 ppm or 10% of measured values, whichever is greater
Air quality CO2 concentrationGood <600ppm
Normal 600~1200ppm
Poor >1200ppm
Values can be adjusted on CO2 setup page
Alarm triggerLow >1200ppm
can be adjusted on CO2 setup page
Dimensions90 x 90 x 26 mm (without stand)