colorvu camera hikvision protocol
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colorvu camera hikvision protocol

Update:7thJune 2023
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Chinese colorvu cameras integrating the hikvision protocol are really impressive value for money.


  1. compatible 2, 5 and 8 megapixel 2.Poe-enabled 3.ip66
  2. aluminum manufacturing
  3. aluminum cap
  4. Compliant with IPv4/IPv6, HTTP/RTSP/DHCP/NTP/TCP/IP,etc…
  5. ONVIF default
  6. Ridiculous price

Attention if your camera is not recognized in your network during installation, it is normal, it is configured as an external ip address, you simply have to download this software and either change the ip address to 192.168.X.X or check the dhcp option and everything will be back to normal.