Coswall Square Flush Box for placo
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Coswall Square Flush Box for placo

Update:30thNovember 2023
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Recessed box for plasterboard or drywall, it is ideal for all new constructions or renovations, in any case I recommend it because in home automation we always need a little space, given that it is 83mm from the side it is compatible with all the switches on the market which have a side of 86mm, this is fortunately often the case in home automation and on the Chinese market. Coming back to Coswall, they produce quality and inexpensive flush-mounting boxes presented with the Moes touch switch.

  1. The quality is there just look at the reviews and the number of sales
  2. the plastic is of good quality
  3. a generous recess
  4. Compatible with any 86mm side switch including US, UK and EU version