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Immax Neo 07504L zigbee 3.0 siren test

The packaging is basic, the alarm is accompanied by a mains plug, 4 screws and dowels as well as the installation manual which can be downloaded below.

test of the new Moes Star Ring zigbee switch

During my years of experience in home automation I bought all kinds of connected switches, Xiaomi zigbee 1.0, Z-wave MCOhome switches overpriced and functional 2 years, Moes switches with button...

automate a virtual 2 way with 2 switch zigbee

It is common in France to want to replace its classic switches with zigbee switches. In order to save the cost, it is not to be interested in big brands...

Zigbee 3.0 plug comparison, which one to choose ?

In a world where there is no shortage of smart plugs, I am going to compare 4 zigbee 3.0 compatible plugs from the brand Nous, Neo, Aqara and Lidl. Trying...

On sale now in your Lidl stores

Currently on sale in your Lidl stores the Silvercrest Zigbee range

Linkplay and Up2stream the quality DIY multiroom

I’ve wanted to write this review for a while, as I didn’t after purchasing the Up2stream Amp V3 board, but two years later, I can say that this product has...

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