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Sonoff zbmini-l2 test taken to the extreme

Here’s a video where you might have a laugh, with the band August and Lulu we all 3 decided to test the Sonoff Zbmini-L2 in a most extreme way by pushing it back to its limits.

In Videos, Tests, Haade-lab, 3rdMay 2024

Video comparison of Moes, Aqara and Sonoff thermostatic faucets

Following the video saving heating thanks to home automation it works, August returns with a comparison of thermostatic faucets Moes ZTRV-BY-100, Aqara SRTS-A01 and Sonoff TRVZB, inte...

In Videos, Haade-lab, News, 26thApril 2024

Save on heating thanks to home automation, it works!

This is an article dedicated to the home automation of a traditional gas boiler with radiators connected to water circuits. Home automation will bring you comfort, financial savings a...

In Haade-lab, Videos, News, Home-Assistant, 28thMarch 2024

Haade-lab Youtube channel by August

I introduce myself August host of the Haade Channel on youtube, helped by Lulu we will feed the channel Haade-lab section by presenting tutorials and tests in home automation in a dif...

In Videos, Automation, 24thMarch 2024